COE-CSI International Women in Engineering Day School Interview

This International Women in Engineering Day our Centre proudly hosted a live interview between Centre Associate Investigator, Dr Emma Lovell, and Northern Beaches Christian School student, Abigail.

The interview provided Abigail the opportunity to ask Dr Lovell about chemical engineering careers and tertiary education, and allowed Dr Lovell to communicate the importance of her research to the younger generation.

With this year’s INWED24 theme being ‘Enhanced by Engineering’, we celebrate the contributions Dr Lovell has made to society through her research in sustainable energy solutions. Dr Lovell focuses on developing novel catalysts for a range of applications, with a particular focus on energy and environmental catalysts, working at ARC COE-CSI, Particle and Catalyst Research Lab and ARC Training Centre for the Global Hydrogen Economy.

Our Centre takes pride in educating and inspiring the future generation of engineers and are committed to promoting the idea that STEM is inclusive and accessible to all.

Thank you to Northern Beaches Christian School, especially Abigail, for working with us to deliver the interview.

See the full interview below.


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