Program 3: Carbon catalysts for green chemistry to reduce carbon emissions

Program 3: Carbon Catalysts for Green Chemistry

Program Leaders

CI Prof Rose Amal and CI Prof Klaus Regenauer-Lieb


Program 3 aims to investigate the underlying catalytic mechanisms of carbon catalysts for green chemistry. Insights gained from this research program will be used to guide green chemical processes for clean production of chemicals with reduced emissions.


Tailored multifunctional carbon catalysts developed in Program 1 will be applied to various reactions for clean production of chemicals including CO2 reduction to fuels and value-added chemicals, N2 reduction to ammonia (NH3), H2O2 generation from air/water with sunlight, and e-refinery for waste treatment, to name a few.


Green chemicals can be produced on-site without CO2 emission, toxic waste, or the need for transportation. This will transform the chemical and environmental industries.