Guan Yeoh

Professor Guan Yeoh is a renowned expert in multiphase flows and has published a book titled Computational Techniques for Multi-Phase Flows: Basics and Applications, which has been widely read and cited extensively. He has also published other notable works including the highly cited book titled Computational Fluid Dynamics: A Practical Approach. In recognition of his pioneering development and application of innovative computational models including molecular dynamics across a diverse range of engineering fields, he is currently the Director of two major centres in the Australian fire safety engineering landscape: the Australian Research Council Training Centre for Fire Retardant Materials and Safety Technologies, and the Australian Research Council Research Hub for Fire Resilience Infrastructure, Assets and Safety Advancements. He manages significant industry-focused fire research projects including the development of carbon materials, green and durable polymer composites, next generation fire suppression technologies, rapid responsive sensors and early detection systems, and new flammability tests for compliance with fire safety regulatory standards. He has received two significant awards: Brennan Medal for the best book publication from the Institute of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) Award in 2009 and NASA Award on novel research work in solidification in microgravity environment in 1992.

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