Hui Tong Chua

Professor Dr Hui Tong Chua, PhD (NUS), M.Eng. (NUS), B.Eng (1st Class Hons, NUS), is Professor of Chemical Engineering and Head of Department of Chemical Engineering at The University of Western Australia (UWA). His research interest covers Heat and Mass Transfer, Thermodynamics, Process Engineering, Waste Heat Utilisation and Nanomaterial Syntheses. Six of his international peer reviewed journal articles are among the top 1% percentile in the field of Engineering in terms of citation.

One of his key research achievements is the successful spinning off of his catalytic methane cracking technology, now known as the Hazer Process, as Hazer Group Ltd., which raised $5m in their Initial Public Offering on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:HZR) in November 2015. Hui Tong is one of the original inventors of the technology.

He is the Chief Scientific Officer of Ablano Pty. Ltd., which focusses on the commercialisation of few-layer graphene for electronic chip and consumer end product applications, and boron nitride nano onions as super lubricant for machinery and biomedical applications.

He is also a Non-Executive Director of Good Water Energy Ltd., which is spearheading the development of baseload geothermal energy for steam, green hydrogen and ammonia applications.

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