Yun Liu

Professor Yun Liu is an internationally recognised applied materials chemist and ARC Georgina Sweet Laureate Fellow. She has a strong track record of influential work on the defect and crystal chemistry of functional materials, which revolutionizes the design of novel materials for emerging technology and industrial applications.

Prof Liu co-leads the Centre’s Research Theme 1: Data-Driven Design, Precision Synthesis and Operando Characterisation of New Carbon Catalysts. She directs and drives a paradigm shift in carbon materials science by creating novel carbon catalysts with desired catalytic properties through precisely controlled catalytic active Centres. Her research focuses on the development and utilisation of in-situ characterisation techniques, improvement of understanding of various carbon materials and catalytic mechanisms, and promotion of the application of emergent carbon-derived materials in energy and environment sectors. Liu is also a dedicated podcaster for promoting women in STEMM and inspiring future generations of women in these disciplines.

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