Prof Qiao – Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science Fellowship 2023

CSI Deputy Director Laureate Professor Shizhang Qiao has been elected Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science Fellowship 2023.

Prof Shizhang Qiao is recognised internationally for his landmark work in developing catalysis principles and next-generation catalysts for clean energy. He pioneered the concept of computation-guided material and catalyst design to transform synthesis from a trial-and-error approach to elegant predictive design. This has re-shaped materials-development pathways for catalysis, energy conversion and energy storage. He has also spearheaded two key principles in electrocatalysis: e-refineries and local-reaction environment theory. His impact is evident in frontier catalysis science and its application in fuel cells, hydrogen production, CO2-conversion, and advanced batteries.

Professor Shizhang Qiao, also an ARC Australian Laureate Fellow and inaugural ARC Australian Industry Laureate Fellow, focuses his research on the synthesis, characterisation, and simulation of functional materials as well as their applications in catalysis, energy storage and conversion (rechargeable batteries, hydrogen production, carbon dioxide reduction for fuels and chemicals).

“I am truly honoured to be selected as a Fellow of the Academy. This distinguished opportunity will encourage me to make further scientific contributions,” said Professor Qiao.

“In particular, I feel excited to lead my group to explore new directions in materials design and accelerate the practical application of clean energy generation and storage. I hope this will significantly benefit our society.”

Prof Qiao will take research and innovation excellence into the Deputy Director’s role to lead the Research & Innovation Committee. He will support the Centre Director in planning and implementation of the research and innovation strategy, risk management, coordinating research resources, developing international research collaborations.

Meet our Deputy Director Laureate Professor Shizhang Qiao and learn more about his research in this video (from the


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